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Nepalese Banks
Nepal Bank
Nepal SBI bank
Everest bank
Bank of Kathmandu
Machha Puchchhre bank

Standard Chartered
Siddhartha bank limited
Nabil bank
Himalayan Bank Ltd
Nic bank - life savings account
Laxmi Bank

Kumari Bank
Home loan
This loan is provided for
-Purchase a plot of Land
-Purchase a plot of land and construct a building on it Purchase of already built house
-Purchase of Bungalow constructed by builders / developers
-Renovation, modification, extension of existing building
-Construction of building on land already owned

Housing finance by Nabil Bank
We are committed to provide finance for purchase or construction of your land and house so that you have a shelter of your dream. Please step into one of our branches and feel at home

Housing Loan by Nepal Merchant Banking
Finance construction of building/ purchase of flat/dwelling unit, land and building or only land in exceptional circumstances.

Mortgages by Bank of Kathmandu
Financing accommodation facility for individuals
Home loan
Mortage by Sanima bank


Car loans in Nepal
Auto loans This Nepal Bank loan is provided for:
- Purchase of new vehicles
- Purchase of old / used vehicles (For Private use only)
- Swapping (For Private and Commercialuse use). Some of criteria for taking auto-loans are as follows.
-The loan is provided to Nepalese Citizens only.
-This is provided to any salaried and self-employed individuals and companies.
Car finance by Nabil bank
We are committed to provide finance for purchase of your vehicles - be it for personal or commercial purpose. Please step into one of our branches and ride home in your new car
Vehicle loans by CEFI
Loans to finance heavy commercial vehicles, Private Car, Jeep, Pickup, and taxis
car loans
Motor loans
Motor and car loans
Financing cars, vehicles for private use by the Bank of Kathmandu

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Other loans
Education loan by the Nepal Bank

Foreign employment loan
Financing eligible individuals recommended by the Nepal Government going abroad on a
pre arranged employment through a recognized employment agency

Investment banks in Nepal
Nepal Investment Bank
Overview of interest rates of different banks and financial institutions
Central bank
Nepal Rastra bank
Central bank of Nepal
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